NICK BAUGHNCatching/Fielding Instructor


    High School

    Nick started his baseball career at West Mecklenburg high from ‘94-‘97.  During that time frame he became the starting catcher his junior year.  Once he made that transition, he was able to rack up some amazing awards.  In his senior year, he became the Mega-7 conference player of the year, All-County team, and his own team’s MVP.

    Draft ’97

    Nick was drafted in the 15th round by the St. Louis Cardinals in the ’97 MLB draft.  Instead of accepting that offer, he decided that college was the path he needed to take.


    Nick spent the next 4 years at Appalachian State University, playing in all four of those years.



    After an amazing college career, he soon got married to his wife, Kristen, his college sweetheart.  They now have two beautiful kids, Kailey – who is heavily involved in dance and Kody – who is just beginning his young sports career.

    Whenever Nick isn’t working full-time at the fire station, he is usually taking the knowledge he has learned about catching, and teaching up and coming catchers.  He loves coaching and seeing the faces of his young athletes when they have their “AHA” moment on the field.

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